41 x 21, 2.5mm Solid Channel (6m) PG (Unistrut Compatible)



  • 41 x 21
  • 2.5mm Solid Channel Strut (Industry Standard)
  • 6 meter Length
  • PG – Pre Galvanised Finish (Internal Standard)
  • Complies to BS6946 1988 Standard
  • Unistrut Compatible


41 x 21 Solid Channel in 6 Meter Lengths with PG (Pre-Galvanised) Finish
41mm x 21mm, 2.5mm Solid Heavy Gauge Channel Strut, Available in lengths of 3m & 6m, also cut to size – SEE HERE
These heavy gauge channel strut sections are designed to provide an adaptable and cost efficient solution to industrial framing, containment and support systems
The channel strut system of 2.5mm rolled pre-galvanised steel channel sections that can be quickly designed, modified and constructed into varying designs with the use of brackets, spring nuts (zebs) and bolts.