Strut Channel Flexible Support Systems


What is Unistrut compatible strut channel?


Unistrut compatible refers to the majority of the strut channel products we sell on this site. We do not sell the Unistrut brand of products. It’s a non-welded continuous channel that can be used to create frames and supports for a multitude of uses. In its unique design it can be used without any drilling whatsoever, its fully customisable, can be simply dismantled or adjusted as and when required. It really is a very adaptable product that’s been used the world over for many many years.


What can Strut Channel be used for?




What trades could use Unistrut or similar compatible strut channel products?


  • Industrial Electricians
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Refrigeration Engineers


A Few Ideas on Unistrut Applications:



When and where was Unistrut Invented?


Unistrut was invented in America in the 1920’s, it was invented by a gentleman called Charles Attwood. On a chance meeting during a commercial flight Charles met Mr Walt Disney, from that meeting Walt Disney created a video on Unistrut in the 1940’s, watch it here on You tube.



Unistrut is a trademark owned by Atkore with whom we have no association.